Let's Catch Up...

So much to tell you....

So it a few days shy of April 2022 and I just realised that I haven’t run one of my Healing Circle’s for over 300 days!!! Can you believe that? You have no idea how crazy it is for me to be in hibernation for this long. I miss the gatherings so much! All of y’all, all the energy and my chance to “sing to the sky”… feels like it has been forever.  

I did have the chance to ‘take it online’ like so many did during the lockdown – and I tried. I run a few tests, but with the equipment that I use and the vibration that I was wanting to ‘transmit’, I just couldn’t get the broadcast bandwidth I needed… and without taking over Studio A down at Channel 10 – I was almost certain that I couldn’t do it justice. (For those of you who have attended one of my Live Events, I am sure you know what I mean.. Right? lol)

"So I decided that I was going to take this time to focus on myself. My own energy centres, my own physical body & place some new Intentions for 2022"

During the lockdown I attended some classes to further my knowledge and experience with Spirit – which were awesome! I caught up on all of my Shamanic Drum orders (As the lockdown caused me to fall way behind). I lost 57kgs and I have also moved home! 

So what's next?

Well, the plan is to reintroduce the Healing Circle once the government regulations have eased its current room occupancy restrictions. But in the meantime, I have decided to reopen my Sound Healing Clinic here in Balmain for anyone that is interested in a one on one session and in my next post I will talk more about what is on offer…

Speak soon!


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