Shamanic Drum Circle | Dural Memorial Hall

Shamanic Drum Circle : 20th January 2022

(Doors will open at 5:30pm and close at 5:45pm SHARP!)

There will be smudging (white sage) upon entry to Welcome each member attending the Shamanic Drum Circle.

What Will Happen:

Wāginä will open the circle and then begin to talk about the Shamanic Drum, and how it is best to connect and play it. We will then (as a group) begin to drum (and chant along if you feel the urge!).

What Drum Can I Bring?

Due to the fact that this is a Ceremonial Shamanic Drum Circle means we can only have Shamanic Drums played in the circle. This means we can not unfortunately have any other types of drums played. No Djembe’s, Congas, Bongos, Cajóns, Darbukas, Tambourines etc, are allowed. (Look at the other ticket type if you need to hire a Shamanic Drum)

Don’t have a Shamanic Drum? That is okay! We HIRE Shamanic Drums.
(Look at the ticket types)

Where is it?

Dural Memorial Hall : 604 Old Northern Road, Dural 2158


Shamanic Drum Circle Ticket + BYO Shamanic Drum = $28.50
Shamanic Drum Circle Ticket + Hire Shamanic Drum = $48.50

Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Please be aware that you must be over the age of 18 to attend this event.


Refund Policy

Attendees will be refunded if the event is canceled or rescheduled. Tickets are not transferrable week to week. Doors will open at the above stated times. If you are late, the doors will be locked and you will not be allowed entry and will forfeit your payment.

COVID-19 Conditions of Entry

By purchasing at Ticket you hereby agree to the COVID-19 Conditions of Entry outlined here —>

Other questions, feel free to contact me directly.

🙏🏻  Many Blessings,
Mark (Wāginä)
0419 440011