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the Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet, also white
Fundamental Principle: Purest being
Body Association: Cerebrum
Gland: Pineal

Purpose and Function

The 7th chakra (Crown Chakra) is located at the middle of the head and opens upward. The Crown Chakra is also associated with the pineal gland, which is located in the middle of the head between the ears. The Crown Chakra is often represented in religious paintings as a halo above the head. Its predominant colour is violet, but it glows in all the colours of the rainbow. The Crown Chakra unites in itself all the energies of the lower chakra centres. It is the source of energy for all the other chakras. Here we started our journey into life, and at the end of our development, this is where we will return. Here we live and experience UNITY with the primordial Divine principle and where our personal energy field becomes ONE with the universe. The awareness the Crown Chakra gives us the knowledge that the Third Eye Chakra conveys. We now completely comprehend our intellectual and intuitive understanding. We experience our bodies as an expression of Creation as the divine consciousness of which we have become a part. The colour violet is associated with the unfolding of the Crown Chakra. It is the colour of meditation and devotion. Albeit we can consciously influence the activation of all our lower chakras, with the Crown Chakra all we can do is open ourselves up to its influence and allow things to happen through us. With the unfolding of the Crown Chakra, any blockages that may remain in the lower six chakras dissolve and their energies will begin to vibrate at their highest possible frequencies, each chakra working at its own level as a mirror of the Divine Being. When the Crown Chakra is completely awakened, it ceases to absorb the cosmic energies and starts to radiate its own energy. A lotus blossom blossoms out, so to speak, and forms a crown of pure white light on and above the head. This same energy is portrayed in the artistic paintings of Jesus the Christ as a crown of white light radiating from the top of his head.

Harmonious Functioning

The Crown Chakra can only be developed to a greater or lesser extent; Your development with the other six chakras determines the degree. There are no blockages as such in the Crown Chakra. When the Crown Chakra begins to open, your consciousness will become completely calm and open. You will experience your real Self and realise that your Self is part of the omnipresent pure Being which is contained in all matter. As you develop your Crown Chakra, these moments will occur more frequently. When your Self is ready for this final step of enlightenment, you will know. One day you will feel as if you have just awakened from a long dream of illusion, and for the first time you see the real reality of life. There is no turning back in your development now. You realise that what you have found is your true Self. Your individual ego has been transformed into a universal ego. If you want to know something, all you need to do is ask by directing your attention accordingly. Everything exists within you. You are ONE with the divine Being, and it is through this ONENESS that the ALL exists. You now realise that matter is nothing but a form of thought in the Divine Consciousness and that it does not really “exists” as such. All that you thought was real up to this point you now perceive as an illusion. Interestingly enough, you are open to the energies of the Crown Chakra every seven years. The seven-year cycles are: ages 7, 14, 21, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 63, 70… During this period, you can develop depth and insight and wholeness that you would have considered impossible before. Meditation and selfless devotion now provide you with insight into your Divine origin. This helps you experience a feeling of ONENESS. Use this opportunity to dwell more within yourself. Meditate. This is a seemingly magical time in your life. It is also interesting to note that an infant’s fontanel remains open for the first 9-24 months of its life, and it is during this particular period in their life when they live in an awareness (consciousness) of undivided unity.

Disharmonious Functioning

Up to this point, we have been told how the opening and harmonisation of all the chakras can provide us with a great deal of knowledge, experience and skills. But if we do not open the Crown Chakra, we will feel separated from abundance and wholeness. We will not be completely free from fear, and it is this fear that always maintains some remnants of blockages within the chakras, therefore, they are unable to unfold our chakras complete range of possibilities. Their individual energies will not vibrate in complete harmony with the “dance of creation,” nor with each other. You may experience feelings of uncertainty and a lack of purpose if you do not open yourself to spiritual truths during the years when your Crown Chakra can develop. You should interpret these feelings as a hint to look inside yourself more frequently. Additionally, you may become more conscious of a certain senselessness in your life, or the fear of death may visit you more frequently. You may control these feelings by escaping into excessive activity, keeping yourself busy, or you may burden yourself with new responsibilities. Quite often, people in this condition fall ill. If you ignore these profound messages, your life may become a life stuck in superficiality. As a consequence, you limit the potential of your Self to develop. In essence, the opportunity lost.

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