Let's talk about the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra

Colour: Orange
Element: Water and all biological life
Sense: Taste
Fundamental Principle: Creative reproduction of being
Body Association: Pelvic girdle, kidneys, bladder, and all liquids, such as, blood, lymph, gastric juice, sperm and regulation of the female cycle
Glands: Prostate, gonads, ovaries, testicles

Purpose and Function

The 2nd chakra (Sacral Chakra) is located above the genitals. It is connected with the sacrum. We fertilise and receive the energies that permeate all of nature through the Sacral Chakra. The male reproductive organs as well as the impulse to procreate new life is influenced by this chakra.

Water cleanses and purifies. It dissolves and washes away the blockages that obstruct its vital flow. Albeit the kidneys and bladder accomplish this on the physical plane, on the spiritual plane the cleansing and purification process manifests itself in the form of free-flowing feelings. 

We look at life as something primordial and new, and our interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex are particularly influenced by the condition of the Sacral Chakra.

Harmonious Functioning

An open and harmoniously functioning Sacral Chakra allows you to open yourself towards others, especially the opposite sex. Your sexual union with your lover (partner) blossoms into the dance of creation. You feel the flow of the male and female energies streaming through your body, soul and mind.

Disharmonious Functioning

The Sacral Chakra comes alive during puberty. This is when a malfunctioning Sacral Chakra often originates. The awakening of sexual energies cause a state of uncertainty within you. Parents and educators rarely teach people how to handle these energies. During your early infancy, there may have been a lack of tenderness and bodily contact, which may later lead to the rejection of sexuality. 

As a result, you are unable to experience the uninhibited expression of your creative sexual potential and these uninhibited energies may express themselves in the form of excessive sexual fantasies or suppressed desires. You may also see sex as a drug. What you need to understand is that your creative sexuality has just been misdirected. These actions breed uncertainty and sexual tension between the sexes.

In most cases, inadequate functioning of the Sacral Chakra can be traced back to childhood and infancy. Your parents probably withheld their own sensuality and sexuality. Additionally, you probably had a lack of sensual stimulation in the form of touching, caresses, tenderness and affection. Consequently, you suppressed your feelings and withdrew your antennas, so to speak, turning off these sensual messages. Then, during puberty, you may have blocked off your developing sexual energies completely.

This suppression results in a lack of self-esteem, emotional paralysis and sexual coldness. Life in this light seems dreary and you may feel life is not worth living. These feelings often amplify teenagers’ tendencies to commit suicide 

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