Types of Sound Healing

Lets start to explore all of the types of Sound Healing that Mark has to offer and together we can open up a window of opportunity to begin your healing journey.

Singing Bowl
Sound Healing

There are so many singing bowls on the market nowadays as so many practitioners like to include the effective vibrations in their therapies.

For years Mark was on a quest to find the perfect set of singing bowls for his Sound Healing practice. Having such an extensive musical background, it was difficult for Mark to find the right set of singing bowls with a perfect combination of tones (and overtones).

Finally, after many years of research, Mark finally found what he was looking for. A set of forged singing bowls from Nepal which had significantly different sound characteristics from popular singing bowl formats. Made in strict accordance with the ancient system of sound healing adopted in the East and used by Pythagoras.

These singing bowls have been tuned to develop a harmonious acoustic hologram. This provides a beneficial effect on all systems of the body and psyche. 

During this Singing Bowl Sound Healing, Mark will strike these unique singing bowls; and it will immediately take your attention away from the worries of the world and deeply immerses you in a pleasant state of relaxation, without thoughts.

It is in this moment that the body completely switches itself into self-healing mode.

Sound Healing

The Glucophone (also known as a Tank Drum or Happy Drum) is a beautiful Sound Healing instrument. In these sound healing sessions you will be able to reach new levels of relaxation as the Glucophone vibrates like no other drum on earth.

Mark has searched the globe and has invested in the very best ‘Custom Made’ Glucophone’s and they sound truly transcendent.

When Mark plays the Glucophone for you during this Sound Healing, your vibration will be raised as the tones nurture and caress your aura. This Sound Healing is not one to be missed.

Shamanic Drum
Sound Healing

During this guided Sound Healing, Mark will take you on a meditative journey with one of his many Shamanic Drums.

All of these Shamanic Drums have been built by Mark himself as he has owned and operated Shamanic Drums, Australia for over half a decade.

The power and intention in Mark’s Ceremonial Shamanic Drums need to be experienced in person as each of them have taken him over 12 months to build.

They are immersed in all of the energy and vibration in Mark’s Sound Healing Room, having also taken centre stage in multiple Full Moon Ceremonies before they are officially ‘named’ and used with clients privately or in his monthly Healing Circle gatherings.  

In this Shamanic Drum Sound Healing you will be guided on a meditative journey in which Mark will drum, chant and connect you to Earth and our home land of Australia.   

Vocal Toning
Sound Healing

During this Vocal Toning Sound Healing Mark will help step you through the fundamentals of connecting to your breath while helping you discover your own inner voice.

In this Vocal Toning Sound Healing you will begin to become aware of your own vibration and learn the techniques required to use this method of Sound Healing, in your very own home.

Sound Healing

During these unique Couples Sound Healing sessions, Mark uses Sound Healing methods to assist couples to strengthen and align their relationships.

As a Couple, we are trying our best to coexist in life and it always helps when people who are in love, are on the same wavelength.


During this Sound Healing, Mark will heal and align the energy centres in the body which will allow the Couple to develop a pathway to a happier, healthier relationship. 

“Minds are like flowers; they open only when the time is right."

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