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All Welcome @ Dural Memorial Hall​, Dural

About The Meditation

Some information about the event...
  • Welcome Friends!
    If you are on the search for a Meditation and don't know where to start…well, this is for you. It will be a relaxing, enjoyable Sound Journey where you will get to quieten your mind and afterwards you can enjoy the company of other like minded people.
  • What Will Happen:
    Essentially everyone will all lie down (I have a few blow up mattresses to try and make it as comfortable as possible), as I connect with my spiritual team. Then each person in attendance will receive a personal healing as I ‘sing to the sky’ and connect with my spiritual team, cleansing your spiritual self, energetic aura, freeing any energetic blockages and in turn, beginning your personal healing journey. As I work my way around the the circle, you will be able to lie and bathe in the positive energy that is generated in this unique healing experience.
  • How Often:
    At the moment we are ON HOLD! due to COVID-19
  • Times:
    Doors will open at 7:15pm and close at 7:30pm SHARP. There will be a smudging (sage) ceremony for each member attending upon entry to the Healing Circle. The healing will run for approximately 60-75mins (depending on number of attendees) where afterwards there is an opportunity to share a free cuppa tea or coffee ☕ and a biscuit 🍪 and have a friendly chat to the fellow members of the group.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Seeing that this is a lying down healing, please bring a yoga mat, pillow and blanket (if you would like to be warm). Please also bring a bottle of water if you need it. I have a few yoga mats that I can share, if you don't have one - please let me know, but I would suggest bringing something comfortable to lie down on.
  • Where is it?
    Dural Memorial Hall : 604 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158
  • Cost:
    It is $42 for a 75min Session + Free Coffee, Tea & Biscuits.

    Tickets will not be sold at the door.

    Please be aware that you must be over the age of 18 to attend this event.
  • Refund Policy:
    Attendees will be refunded if the event is canceled or rescheduled.
    Doors will open at 7:15pm and the Healing Circle starts precisely at 7:30pm SHARP.
    If you are late, the doors will be locked and you will not be allowed entry and will forfeit your payment.
  • COVID-19 Conditions of Entry
    By purchasing at Ticket you hereby agree to the COVID-19 Conditions of Entry outlined HERE

    Other questions, feel free to contact me directly.
    Many Blessings,

Gladstone Park
Morning Meditation
Single Ticket

for 1 x 45min Meditation

  • We will meet in Gladstone Park at 6:45am**
    (Darling Street, Balmain)
    **Weather permitting.
    Updates daily in the Facebook Group.

    We start at 7:00am Sharp!

Gladstone Park
Morning Meditation
Weekly Ticket

$75 $55
for 5 consecutive
45min Meditations
  • We will meet in Gladstone Park at 6:45am**
    (Darling Street, Balmain)
    **Weather permitting.
    Updates daily in the Facebook Group.

    We start at 7:00am Sharp!

COVID-19 Announcement

Visitors are not permitted to enter Sound Healing with Mark or a Sound Healing with Mark Event if they:

1. Are experiencing any flu-like symptoms (sore throat, runny nose, persistent cough, shortness of breath, fever);
2. Have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19 (during the period of time in which the virus is contagious);
3. Are awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19;
4. Reside with anyone who is awaiting the results of a test for COVID-19;
5. Have returned from international travel and failed to observe the government requirement to quarantine for 14 days;
6. Reside in a defined hot spot LGA
For More Information – Please visit: https://www.soundhealingwithmark.com.au/covid-19